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About us

Lisa, Robb's wife, is an avid cook! She has always loved preparing delicious food for their friends and family. What she didn’t love was the sore feet, legs and back that came later. After a painful day preparing one of her infamous Thanksgiving dinners, Lisa and Robb set out to find a mat that would address this problem. They quickly realized that there were no products that truly eliminated discomfort or looked like they belonged in the kitchen! An engineer by trade, Robb set out to create a floor mat that would allow Lisa and others to stand for long periods of time. After many months of research and development, Lisa finally gave her stamp of approval to the world’s first gel comfort mat! Fifteen years and over four million GelPro Comfort Mats later, we continue to be passionate about innovating and finding ways to turn sore, tired feet into happy, healthy feet. With a factory located in Waco, Texas, we take great pride in designing and manufacturing the highest quality comfort mats here in the USA. Our gears are constantly churning to provide the ultimate comfort for every part of your life.

We’ll never lose our spirit to provide comfort and relief in your life; that’s why we’re constantly innovating to ensure we give you new products held at the highest standard. Wherever you are, we stand in comfort with you!

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